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Combined Manufacturing is Fiji’s premier solution provider for corrugated cardboard and PET Bottles.   We’ll handle your designs and manufacturering requirements for a wide range of custom corrugated boxes and inner packaging options.  If you seek boxes or cardboard display boxes, produced either plain or printed with your logo, company details and/or with any shipping information you require, our  committment to quailty will shine through in every package we produce.  Additionally, we can handle inserts to protect your product while on its way to its eventual market desitination.

The Finest Quality at the Right Price

Combined Manufacturers Ltd is an ISO 9001:2000 Certified manufacturer who produces ROHS compliant packaging. We maintain these stringent standards to ensure that your needs are met. In the end, what you can expect is great pricing, fast delivery, accurate production and of course, our renown premium quality all due to our dedication to best practices.


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Combined Manufacturers Ltd objective as a small startup more than 25 years ago was simple: To establish a company with the flexibility to fill orders of all sizes and to consistently provide our customers with a superior product, unparalleled customer service, and the most rapid turnaround in the industry. Our customers have ever increasing and evolving packaging requirements, so we are always ready to provide innovative solutions to quickly meet their needs.
We offer an impressive range of packaging solutions and services, including packaging design, professional QA, just-in-time and other stocking programs,  a variety of styles and a range of corrugated packaging options with prompt delivery by our company-owned fleet of trucks.

Synergy for Production, Pricing and Promotion - What This All Means to You

  • Location – We’re in Lautoka and Suva, only minutes from your business
  • Design – From ‘Conceptualisation to Finishing’  we have more experience in handling these entire range of processes from A to Z then any other SP Island company… there’s absolutely no debate!
  • Performance – We’re fast.  We handle huge workloads and we’re flexible for small custom orders.  You
  • Quality and Consistency – The proverbial ‘Hammer & Chisel’…  You need both and we provide them… unequivocally!
  • Certification – Next to your personal satisfaction, this means everything to us.  To us, it means we care to keep improving.  To you, it means confidence.
  • Distribution – We’re close to you, we’re priced for value, we design for your revenue enhancement, we manufacture for quality and then to top it all off, we deliver in more ways than anyone else for both speed and for savings. 
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Here’s What We’ll Do for You - Our Product and Services
As a full-service provider of corrugated products, Combined Manufacturers offers you a wide-range of standard size cartons and products in stock … as well as the option to order custom-designed corrugated shipping and packaging products.

  • Boxes

We know boxes. We know how to design boxes, print boxes, cut boxes and deliver boxes.  We’ll customise your boxes to your needs and they’ll be there for you, exactly when you need to fill your boxes, to sell your boxes and to ship your boxes.  Here are the boxes that we offer:
RSC (Regular Sorted Cartons) - Both Single Wall and Double Wall
Die Cut – Giving you a custom look and feel
Wrap Around – For special needs
Waxed and Stitched – Excellent for the Fishing Industry
Bleached – A special finishing

  • PET Bottles

Here in Fiji we manufacture a wide range of PET bottles ranging from 60ml to 4 litres.  We also make pre-forms for the beverage industry as well as providing injection blow molding.  Caps are always available.  Oil applications are our specialty.

  • Design - Creating Customised Concepts and Designs

Our design services are fast becoming an important and essential part of Combined Manufacturers. Working directly with Universal Printing Press jointly assigned designers, graphic artists and technicians can create new concepts and designs, with particular care for the customers detailed requirements. With such proximate facilities, we ensure that both the artwork and printing plate production is completed in a timely manner to meet your most urgent packaging requirements.
Strong Design Skills:  Our artists are not only in tune with the corrugated and printing side of the industry, but they also possess strong design skills that can be applied when creating a new concept or design for your product. We are also able to replicate an existing job that you are currently being supplied.  So whether you need Artwork, Primary Packaging or Secondary Packaging our design team will ensure a look that works.

  • Printing

We play to our strengths, and that will play to directly into your pocketbook.  While we offer both 2 color and 4 color printing, our manufacturing processes have been tailored for South Pacific requirements and that’s generally 2 colors.  Why waste precious funds when it’s secondary packaging?  Consider innovative 2-color printing options and reduce your itemized cost factors while sacrificing nothing on your sales performance.  That’s a true win/win for you.

  • Warehousing and Distribution:

After your packaging is manufactured, it may be stored at our facilities in Lautoka or Suva and delivered at your request.  That means reduced costs to you and increased convenience… another win/win.
We also offer another famous Combined Manufacturers advantage… truly the South Pacific’s finest distribution flexibility.  We can handle orders as small as 10 units to full containers and sent off rapidly to most South Pacific Island locales.  We are able to piggyback off of our major client orders and we can arrange the most incredible savings and flexibility packages available anywhere.

  • Intangibles

Words like experience, commitment to quality, caring, performance, location, comprehensive, technical, smart, long-term and service mean everything to us.  We felt all along that we had to earn the right to use them and we humbly serve as gatekeepers to maintain them with every client over the passing generations. 

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Let our representatives assist you in designing a package that will protect your product and deliver the results you expect!
Here at Combined Manufacturers we are able to bring a creative design to fruition through the use of good old fashioned hard work, technical expertise and an unwavering commitment to quality.  No job is too difficult or too small!  E-mail or call today to begin creating a unique package for your company.

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